sagnePugliese cooking is the highest expression of mediterranean cooking.

Genuine vegetables, pulses, wheat and barley flour,olive oil, wine, basil, tomatoes and spices characterize the Pugliese cooking which has been influenced by several folks through history.

Our cooking is synonymous of genuine taste and love for food. It was connected with paesents’ life, so the ingredients are not classy, but the result is yummy: frisa ( type of dry bread) with pure olive oil and tomatoes, mashed broad beans and chicory, dry tomatoes, meatballs, parmigiana( fried eggplants filled with meat, tomatoes and cheese),sagne ncannulata( A type of pasta), lamb rolls, snails and seasoned cheese are just some of the delicious dishes our ancestors passed to us.

The spices we use are perfect to enjoy the tast of our wines(Negroamaro, Malvasia,Primitivo).
Spices are also used for traditional sweets: "purceddhruzzi" and "'ncarteddhrate"when it’s Christmas;"puddhica"on Easter day, while you can taste "mustazzoli" (biscuits made of flour, lemons, honey, cocoa, almonds and cinnamon)and"cupeta"(a bar made of almonds, honey,flour and sesam) everytime you go to a festival.


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