italia traspSalento is the eastern part of Italy. It is the place where Salentini ( descendents from ancient Messapii) live. Every little town witnesses the historical richness of Salento: ruins, underground oil mills, Baroque churches, tiny streets, courtyard houses, Moorish buildings, watchtowers used to spot Turkish invaders, red soil countryside, dry stone walls and “ pajare”( small rural houses).

This is the land of vineyards, centuries-old olive trees, the North African sirocco and chirping cicadas.

Salento’s roots may be found also in its typical feasts: the “Fòcara”(huge bonfire) for Saint Anthony in Novoli, the “Pizzica”(a folk dance) danced throughout the region, the “sward dance” in Patù, the “Festa te lu Mieru” (the Wine festival)during the grape harvest in Campignano Salentino, the processions and the religious feasts...

soletoThis is Salento: friendliness, inspiration, creativity and dexterity that makes Baroque, embroidery, papier-mâché, marquetry, wrought iron and ceramic unique.
This generous land has always exported its wine and oil; in particular its unique Negroamaro: a valued wine with earthy bitterness. Salento can mix the beauty of its natural environment with the sunny disposition of its inhabitants.
In a world full of stress, the only thing you need is Salento: the picturesque place that joins Europe with the Mediterranean Sea; the Peninsula surrounded by the Adriatic , its rocky coastline and the Ionian sandy beaches.

Torre Castiglione

Torre Castiglione hosts our camp site; it is located north of Porto Cesareo, close to Torre Lapillo. The white sandy beaches and the shallow sea-floor are perfect for families and children.
Beach facilities, leisure activities and games distinguish our beach, which offers you swimming- , sailing-, and scuba diving courses, windsurf and kite surf . Moreover you can play beach volleyball and beach tennis.
Torre Castiglione is also a starting point for excursions and gastronomic tours.

costa con dune

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