mappa puglia soleLet’s be surrounded by nature.

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"...I can’t wait to go back to Torre Castiglione! Every morning I had a walk, enjoyed the parfumes of the Mediterrean scrub and I was finally able to relax, after a year spent working in the city. "

"...the pine forest before the beach reminded us of an uncontaminated island visited during our honeymoon!"


The Camping is located nothern Gallipoli, on the road that goes from Torre Lapillo to Torre Columena, called provinciale 340 (B road 340) and it is near the protected area of Porto Cesareo, near Torre Lapillo.
Its unique location, the sea (one of the best in Salento) and the beach are the perfect ingredients for your holiday.


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In the camping you can find:a service desk(located near the entrance), a reception and several walkways which will lead you from the camping to the beach.

The camping spot

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The pictures show the tree-lined walkways, the camping spot and the Mediterranean scrub that sourrounds the camping.

Our facilities


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After the entrance, you will finde the service desk; next to it there are the restrooms and the shower stalls. Hot water is available in most of our facilities .the coin-operated laundry is located inside a tensile structure near the service desk.

Market, bar and restaurant

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  • bar
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  • forno-pizzeria
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The camping offers: a bar (with tables and chairs),a well - equipped market, a restaurant and also a self-service area. The beach facilities are available by reservation.

Keywords: relax and fun

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Whatever your concept of holiday is, we will satisfy you. If you want to have fun, you can enoy: beach volley, soccer, tennis, sparring-vlup, basket ball and miniature golf , while your kinds can paly in the recreation ground,the penny arcade or can play ping-pong.
The entertainers will involve you in games, water activities, performances, contests and parades.
From March to October the sea is always calm and it is perfect for a bath.


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  • mare-nuova
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Il mare da marzo ad ottobre è quasi sempre calmo o poco mosso.

Outside the camping:

  • In the nearby you can : sail, windsurf, kitesurf,canoe, go fishing (in specific areas), scuba dive.
  • There are also go-karts and riding stables
  • You can also visit the Isola dei conigli, the Watchtowers near the coast and the Isola della Malva.
  • You can snorkel and admire the Roman Columns or the Statue dedicated to The Virgin Mary (Statua della Madonna dei Naviganti).
  • You can also rent a catamaran to enjoy a mini cruise and some of our regional delicacy.
  • With the taxi boat you can see the beautiful Porto Cesareo sea bottom and also Parco Marino (Marine Park).
  • You can rent bikes, motor-scooters, cars, boats and refrigerators.
  • You can also use the fridge in the bar for your popsicles.

salento in busTo reach the camping :

  • Use the toll road to Bari, then drive (state highway 16) until you reach Lecce and then Porto Cesareo.
  • Drive from Bari to Taranto, then dive on to Avetrana and use the county road 359 to reach the destination.
  • If you come to Lecce by train, you can use the Salentoinbus service to reach Torre Lapillo and Porto Cesareo.
  • If you are at the airport you can use privite cabs, public buses or Salentoinbus.



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