mappa puglia soleOur crystal clear sea.

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"...It’s my third year in Torre Castiglione . I really like spending time there because of the crystal clear sea. I like to lay on a particular spot of the beach where it seem to be on the Maldives."

Sea and sandy beaches

The beach, located norther than Porto Cesareo is known because of its resemblance with the Caribbean beaches and the sea is the perfect place to relax from May to October.

Beach facilities (+beach umbrella and beach chair) are available by reservation.

Bagni Selvaggi and its spring

The sandy beach beacomes rocky near the ruins of Torre Catiglione. There you can find a freshwater spring and a bay called Bagni Selvaggi.

Water games

The shore and its shallow sea bottom are perfect for your children. Our staff will entertain them with several activities while you can relax.

Surrounded by mediterranean scrub

The Mediterranean scrub surrounds the camping spot and the beaches.It creates a magical atmosphere with its parfumes and its flowers. The camping spot in one of the better-known in Salento.

Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo bay is known for its crystal clear water, the shallow sea bottom the sandy shores and its abundance of fish.

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