specchiodacquaThe sand dunes that surround the beach exist because of a plant, the"Ammophila littoralis", whose roots compact the sand. Near the beach you can also see other plants that belong to the Mediterranean scrub, like a beautiful orchid called "Orchis papilionacea", sea daffodils and junipers. These plants protect the rest of the soil and the underground freshwater from the salt.


The channels are surrounded by Ipomoenae and marsh orchids. Two famous marshes are the” Paludi del Conte” and the” Spunnulate” which are now used as aqua farming ponds.
The soil composition is perfect for the growth of olive trees and grapevine.
The area called "Arneo" is famous because of the presence of spring waters.
canaleThe channels are worth a visit: you can rent a canoe and explore them, starting from Torre Castiglione. If you keep going west, you will reach a pond called “Fede” (Faith), if you continue, you will see another channel that goes to “Lido degli Angeli”, where you can enjoy the panorama and then, keep left and reach the Arneo. During this adventure you will see eucalyptus and common reeds. While birds, flathead mullets, amphibians and reptiles may be found in the channels.


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