Directly on this Sea

Your holidays in the "Caribbean of Salento"

Camping Torre Castiglione

Your Holidays in the Caribbean Sea of Torre Lapillo

Camping Torre Castiglione

The jewel of Puglia in the Protected Marine Area of Porto Cesareo

Directly on this Sea

Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo

Camping Torre Castiglione

The perfect balance between comfort and immersion in nature

Camping Torre Castiglione

The perfect place to have fun under the Salento sun

Camping Torre Castiglione

Your holiday in the heart of Salento!

Camping Torre Castiglione

The perfect base for exploring Salento

Camping Torre Castiglione

Porto Cesareo: the gem of the Ionian coast in Salento

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Welcome to Salento

Camping Torre Castiglione

The campsite is directly on the Ionian Sea, immersed in a splendid landscape that makes it unique for a true dream holiday.

Camping Torre Castiglione is located on the south-western coast of Puglia north of Gallipoli, on the Torre Lapillo - Torre Columena road, called Provinciale 340 and runs alongside the Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo, in Torre Lapillo.

The location is unique because it extends from the road towards the sea with a direct view of the beach. The clear body of water is among the most beautiful in Salento, the sand is fine and clear while the shallow seabed gives the water a beautiful turquoise color on calm days.

Porto Cesareo

The Torre Castiglione Camping overlooks the Porto Cesareo Marine Park, a splendid landscape in the Torre Lapillo area...

Equipped Beach

The beach immediately north of Porto Cesareo is known for its light and thin sand which enhances the transparency of the crystalline sea...


In every small town there are ancient ruins, underground oil mills, baroque churches, a baroque, bright and musical...

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Camping Torre Castiglione

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Camping Torre Castiglione

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Camping Torre Castiglione